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QSales Legacy


Qsales Legacy

Take your Business to the next level of efficiency by seamlessly linking your CRM and accounting data together. Keystroke's new Qsales Legacy links your Act! and Quickbooks applications together to eliminate double-entry and make your Act! users more productive and informed.

  • Link records between Act! and Quickbooks
  • Synchronize Contact field updates between Act! and Quickbooks
  • Create QB Customers from Records in Act!
  • Create Quickbooks Invoices, Estimates, Sales Orders and Sales Receipts from Act!
  • Convert Act! Opportunities to QB Transactions
  • View Quickbooks Sales Transactions, as well as the last 5 Years of Sales Totals in Act!
  • View Past Due Balance information and Last Invoice Date in Act!
  • Data resides in Act! fields so your Act! users won’t need access to QB to view sales data in Act!
  • All Data Synchronizes out to Act! Remote Databases
  • Works to link compatible 32-bit versions of Act! & QuickBooks, as well as compatible 64-bit versions of Act! & QuickBooks.
Support includes assistance with troubleshooting. It does not include installation and configuration, which is available as part of our Orange Care and VIP plans sold separately.
QSales Legacy works with the following US, Canada and UK versions of ACT!
  • Act! 2010 Standard, Premium and Corporate Edition
  • Act! 2011 - 2013 Pro and Premium
  • Act! 2014 (v16) Pro and Premium
  • Act! v17 - 22 Pro and Premium
  • Act! v23 Premium
 QSales Legacy works with the following US VERSIONS of QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks 2007 Basic, Pro, Premier and Enterprise and HIGHER

QSales Legacy works with the following CANADIAN and UK VERSIONS of QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks 2010 Basic, Pro, Premier and Enterprise and HIGHER
Setup Assistance for Add-ons:
  • Setup assistance can be purchased with this product, and this option includes the initial installation, activation, and basic configurations of the program
  • Setup assistance does NOT include customization or personalization of the program, nor does it include training in its use.
  • Keystroke is NOT responsible for updating your computer to prepare it for the installation of this software, as proper computer & Windows maintenance is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Customer must be ready with all account, licensing, and other details required for activation and setup
  • Service may not exceed 45-minutes and "setup assistance" does not imply ongoing warranty assistance with this product.
  • Setup Assistance can only be purchased with the product. If you determine you need it afterward, the minimum support plan available is VIP Lite for $85 USD.

Please note:
Qsales is a powerful accounting integration program, but there is a lot to know in the setup of the API product.

Accordingly, only the Classic version is available for trial. If you'd like to trial the Classic version and then deploy the API product in production, the Qsales data will work with either version, but we strongly recommends purchasing setup assistance to ensure you're setup properly from the start.

Setup Assistance is a one-time purchase, and will not be charged at renewal. The quantity of setup assistance must match the quantity of Qsales licensing.

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Act! v23 (32-bit), Act! v24 (64-bit), Act! v25 (64-bit)
Act! for Windows
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