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Easy DeDuper4act makes it easy to merge records in Act!.  It brings everything from the deleted records into the record you're keeping, including Notes, Histories, Activities, Secondary Contacts, and Custom Table Entries. However, unlike the "Copy/Move Contact Data" feature within Act!, Deduper4Act! even lets you merge Companies, Groups, and Opportunities, in addition to Contacts. It also allows you to merge more than two records at once, including the option to fill blank fields on the record you're keeping. 

One of the most beneficial features of DeDuper4Act! is it rolls up all the custom tables under the surviving contact when you're de-duping, so you can merge contacts with confidence.

Key features in DeDuper4ACt! include the following:

  • Combine two or more contacts, companies, groups, or opportunities
  • Custom tables combine under the surviving contact, company, group, or opportunity
  • "Empty Field" feature allows DeDuper to optimize the combining process by ensuring values within fields in the deleted contacts update corresponding blank fields in the surviving contact
  • Allows you to calibrate which fields you see in preview mode
  • Allows you to instantly see which is the oldest, newest, or most recently edited contact in preview mode
  • Writes details to the Notes section of the surviving contact indicating which contacts were deleted in the de-duping process.
  • And now includes a handy "suggested" contact in preview mode, that bolds the contact that is both the oldest and most recently edited contact.

Deduper4Act! will help you achieve quick, easy, and effective cleanup of your data.

Licensing Type: Perpetual
Compatibility: Act! 2010+

* Download link for this product is at the bottom of this page

PLEASE NOTE: As with any major data manipulation tool, please make sure to complete a dry run on copy of your database to confirm expected result.

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Act! v23 (32-bit)
Act! for Windows
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