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Keystroke DataGuard


Keystroke DataGuard

DataGuard is a must have for Act! Administrators that manage multiple databases. DataGuard let's you efficiently schedule backups, maintenance and even syncs, without the need for any database login credentials. That's right, no more need to rely on specific user credentials for these tasks, leaving you vulnerable to users changing their passwords and stopping all these database safeguarding tasks.  

And unlike Act! Scheduler that often loses it's settings and forces you to comply with a fixed schedule, DataGuard is more reliable and efficient as it "queues" the backup and maintenance to run in sequence, so that as soon as one task ends, the next one begins. This simple configuration helps complete all tasks as quickly as possible because there is no idle time between tasks.  

It's what we use in our data centre for our hosting services, and it works reliably to backup & maintain hundreds of databases every night. 

Features Include:

  • Queues backups, maintenance, and syncing
  • Does not require user authentication, so changes in account credentials cannot bork any scheduled jobs
  • Can be configured to backup with or without attachments. 
  • Alerts you by email of failed backups (supports all levels of SMTP encryption), with customizable subject lines
  • Runs as a service so it can operate without logging into Windows
  • Includes a Run Now option that is multi-threaded, allowing you to perform any of the three database functions while others are running (system resources permitting)
  • The new FTP feature allows you to automate the offsite sending of backup files via FTP to other locations for safe "offsite" backup storage.
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Act v18, Act v19, Act v20, Act v21, Act v22
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