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Link2Events (formerly Book2Events) provides Act! users with the first tool to efficiently manage events and integrate the results into Act!. If you've ever tried to plan an online event like a virtual meeting or webinar, or even an in-person event like a lunch-n-learns, networking events, weddings, parties, or membership meetings, you know the difficulties.
Tracking RSVP's, distributing event details, and managing follow-ups can be near impossible without duplicating work in several places. Even the few 3rd party add-ons available that generate event URL's and manage RSVP's don't integrate with Act! in an efficient way. 
That's where Link2Events comes in.

The process is simple.Go to Http://, login, and click on the Events table and create an event.

* If you don't have an account, go to http://app.linktivity/Account/Register and create a trial.

  • Give your event a name, date, time, and duration, and then add all the details in the lower memo field
  • Select an Activity type to create in Act! (we recommend creating an activity in Act! called "Events" with the outcomes "Event Attended" and Event Not Attended".
  • When you click Save, the new event is automatically pushed to your calendar and a Group is created to track those responding to your invite
  • A unique URL is created for your event, and you can post it in any digital space you manage (ie. website, blog, community page, forums, etc.) and promote them by email, as well
  • As each person responds by clicking on this link, they see all the event details formatted as you designed. They'll be prompted to only add their name and email address, and when they click "Sign-Up", they'll be presented with an ICS to download to their computer or mobile device so it's added to their calendar
  • Link2Events then checks the email address in your database, and if there is a match, that contact is linked to the activity, and if there isn't, the contact is created and then linked. And this all happens instantly
  • You and the contact are then notified by email after the sign-up confirming their registration
  • The History of that Contact is also updated in Act! to reflect when they registered for the event.
  • To make follow-ups even easier, Link2Events adds each person that signs-up to the new Group it created for this event. You'll see the group populate on it's own, and you'll have instant visibility on whose attending, and how many, allowing you to plan your resources accordingly.
  • If any event changes are required (ie., date, time, or duration), the user makes them in the Link2Events web console and it will automatically update Act! when saved

That's it.

The Link2Events web console allows you to easily edit events on the fly, duplicate them for similar future events, and even copy the event URL without drilling into the actual event details.

For your privacy, no event is stored on our system longer than 30-days after the event is completed, and you can delete an event at any time. Rest assured, you can delete an online event at any time, and the results will remain safe in your Act! database.

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Act! v25 (64-bit), Act! v24 (64-bit), Act! v21 (64-bit), Act! v23 (32-bit), Act! v24 (32/64-bit), Act! Premium Cloud
Act! for Web, Act! for Windows

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Paid for technical support available at additional cost direct from developer