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Link2quotes provides Act! users with an easy-to-use online quoting tool as part of the Linktivity product Suite.

Unlike other 3rd party add-ons, Link2quotes is the only one to write directly to the database using the Act! WebAPI, meaning it can be used with self-hosted databases (with Act! Connect Link) or hosted databases through Act! Premium Cloud or a 3rd party hosting provider, and even the new Act! CRM SaaS. You can even use the Keystroke API (K-API) with the non-subscription Act! products like Act! Pro or off-plan versions of Premium.

And the best part is you can use Link2quotes from anywhere - a PC, Tablet, or even a Mac because everything is online, with no need to have Act! locally installed. With Link2quotes, you can quickly create quotes from scratch, from a template, or from an Opportunity.

  • Create quotes from anywhere on any device in less than a minute, with all details written back to Act!
  • Pull products from your Act! database or use Teams Edition to build your own shareable product database online.
  • Add images or videos to your quote, or use Teams Edition to build a shareable online library of images
  • Know instantly when people view & accept your quotes
  • Filterable KPI's on each sales reps pipeline results, quota management, and detailed sales reports
  • Save time by updating, deleting, and sending quotes in batches, as well as automated quote notices to prospects
  • Supports multiple currencies, and sales taxes
  • Automated follow-ups scheduled in Act! based on different quote events
  • Create email templates and select them on the fly
  • Automate quote follow-ups with reminders send a set number of days before quote expiry

Selling never looked so good, or worked so well!

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Act! v24 (32/64-bit), Act! v23 (32-bit), Act! v21 (64-bit), Act! v24 (64-bit), Act! v25 (64-bit)
Act! for Web, Act! for Windows
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Paid for technical support available at additional cost direct from developer