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MigrateAdmin for Act!


MigrateAdmin for Act!

Convert GoldMine® data directly into Act! without leaving valuable data behind! Goldmine versions 4.0 through 9, dBase and SQL versions.

Do you need to convert valuable GoldMine® data into Act! and make sure your key data is converted? Are you worried about sending your data offsite and paying extra consulting fees? Now you can convert your GoldMine® data yourself directly into Act! without leaving valuable data behind! MigrateAdmin for Act! will convert companies, contacts, activities, histories, notes, sales, groups, custom fields, opportunities, email, and email attachments! And, your important data and data relationships are maintained - so you don’t miss a beat!

  • Don't leave valuable data behind when you convert from GoldMine to Act!
  • Do it yourself - no advanced database or programming knowledge needed
  • Make sure all the key data is converted and be up and running quickly
  • Leverage the powerful new workgroup and sales features of Act!

Now you can convert your GoldMine data directly into Act! without leaving valuable data behind. Watch our 2-minute video below to see the full walk-thru of the MigrateAdmin process.

MigrateAdmin Video1

MigrateAdmin will completely convert unlimited contacts, companies, e-mails, activities, histories, notes, sales opportunities, groups, custom fields, attachments, and more!  Your important data and data relationships are maintained so you don't miss a beat.

Until now you had to hire a database consultant to convert your GoldMine data into Act! - and it was always a challenge.  That meant extra fees for larger databases and sending your data offsite.  Now you can do it yourself in one step -

MigrateAdmin is powerful enough to accurately convert large customized workgroup databases using a step-by-step wizard interface that requires no advanced database knowledge.


  • Converts GoldMine® DBF and SQL databases into Act! 
  • The easy-to-use wizard-based application requires no programming or advanced database knowledge to convert large or multi-user databases.
  • Allows you to map your GoldMine® fields to your desired Act! fields. The fields existing in your Act! database are selectable thru the wizard.
  • Can automatically map fields that have the same name in both the GoldMine® and Act! databases.
  • Allows you to simply create new Act! fields on the fly based on the name of the field in GoldMine®.
  • Allows you to create all the remaining fields that have not been mapped at one time.
  • Has an option to Auto Map the fields for you.
  • Saves your mapping so you can edit as needed.
  • Maintains relationships between data in GoldMine® that is linked: companies, contacts, histories, pending activities, sales data, and more!
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Act! v24 (32/64-bit), Act! v23 (32-bit), Act! v21 (64-bit), Act! v24 (64-bit), Act! v25 (64-bit)
Act! for Windows
Act! perpetual license with maintenance and service

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