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Primary Contact Plus


Primary Contact Plus

If you work with the Company table in Act!, you need Primary Contact Plus

Ever want to assign a primary contact for a company, and then update the dynamically linked company with the primary contact details? The Primary Contact Tool can help. After installation you'll be able to select any primary contact within a company, and push the contact fields up to the linked fields of the Company, rather than the other way around.

New & Improved Features

  • Automatically links contact to an existing company or creates new ones
  • Once linked it prompts you to upload contact details to company
  • Once uploaded, it prompts you to update all the other contacts linked to that company
  • When that completes, it scans the contacts linked to that company, deselects any others that are marked as primary, and makes the newly selected contact primary.

An absolute necessity for those using the company table a lot, and for those wishing to keep all contacts and companies up to date.

Setup Assistance for Add-ons:
  • Setup assistance can be purchased with this product, and this option includes the initial installation, activation, and basic configurations of the program
  • Setup assistance does NOT include customization or personalization of the program, nor does it include training in its use.
  • Keystroke is NOT responsible for updating your computer to prepare it for the installation of this software, as proper computer & Windows maintenance is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • Customer must be ready with all account, licensing, and other details required for activation and setup
  • Service may not exceed 45-minutes and "setup assistance" does not imply ongoing warranty assistance with this product.
  • Setup Assistance can only be purchased with product. If you determine you need it afterwards, the minimum support plan available is VIP Lite for $85 USD.
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